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The story/dramas that are now heating up and playing out on the world stage are all ‘interconnected’ like a massive global chess board. The players, whether pawns or kings and queens are not good or bad … that is the belief in separation [the world of opposites]. Behaviour of the players ranges from despicable to sublime but ‘does NOT’ and cannot define the SELF You Are, which has no parameters of definition.

How the pieces on the board interact is determined by the conditioning that ‘cloaks’ the SELF and gives IT a name, a sex, a history and a thousand other ‘illusory’ defining boundaries. For example, you ‘know’ that the designer shirt you wear does not define you and yet there is an insatiable drive and hope to somehow ‘force it’ to influence who you ‘appear to be’ to the world and most importantly … to who ‘you’ believe you are. The myriad of these intense desires, tied to the belief that you are an ‘individual person’ make it ‘very simple’ for this false self to be ‘manipulated and controlled’ … as is now witnessed across the globe during this … the Great SHIFT in Consciousness.

And yet, this dramatic ‘spike’ in the world story/drama now unfolding is ‘expanding’ the opportunity for Real Freedom so that it takes precedence as an ‘Intention’ for much of humanity as more and more reach the ‘breaking point’ that will inevitably turn their ‘Attention’ inward toward Truth and the Freedom they Are.

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