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The mind, as servant to the Heart … ‘is’ Freedom.

In its current role for most of humanity the mind ’dictates’ how life will play out … however, this is not its true role. The operating system of a computer follows the programming it is given and the machine functions accordingly. The mind became its own ‘programmer’ when the belief in separation occurred and every program since then has been ‘tainted’ by that false belief. The chaos in each one’s life is a direct result of this faulty programming ‘out-pictured’ into the holographic illusion called Life that most people believe is real.

To resolve this dysfunction is simple … place Attention on ONE-ness, which is Truth. This can be accomplished by continually asking: “Who am I’ through Self Inquiry. The mind as usurper of the throne of Truth cannot withstand this intense scrutiny and must withdraw back into its proper role as servant to the Heart, which is the SELF – the Real YOU. There is no ‘doing’ involved here, no analysis, no figuring out … no real effort, simply a constant and persistent vigilance that the SELF uses to regain its True place as the God You Are.

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