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For the mind, the concept of ‘taking the good with the bad’ is altruistic, a lofty show of wisdom that ‘seems’ to say YES to What Is. This is NOT however the case. The mind through the conditioning that defines it, is ‘always’ conflicted and this kind of sentiment for it is actually ‘suppressing resentment’ behind the mask of ‘false insight’ and beneath the radar of its conscious awareness, thereby ‘insuring’ the growth of it. Genuinely saying YES to What Is, is always ‘of’ the God-SELF while it still slumbers and is awakening, or … when one is Free ‘as’ the SELF fully aware of Who IT Is. Surrender means the mind has capitulated to the Voice of Silence [the SELF] within, which is the ONE ‘IT SELF’ saying YES to What Is… and this occurs naturally without effort when surrender has occurred for real.

The mind [false self] must have reached a point of satiation with the Grand Dream to ‘let go of’ its attempts to control Life, thereby allowing the first rays of dawn to filter through the miasma of conditioning that has dominated its limited existence. ‘Taking the good with the bad’ is NOT recognized as such by the SELF Who Knows ‘all’ is ONE and that so-called negative and positive are really ONE within the Wholeness IT ‘is’. It is the ‘friction of opposites’ [this negative and positive energy] that manifests the Grand Dream, without which there would be no dream. It is the resistance to this friction along with the belief in separation that brings on the suffering the mind constantly experiences.

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