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"THE GRAND DREAM" - Just Released



- You Have Been Sleeping, Its Time To Wake Up

by John McIntosh

Available in Soft-Cover and eBook

This little handbook will point to the HOW of living IN the dream but not OF it. There have been numberless books and countless teachings both ancient and recent offered on the one Purpose for incarnating within the Grand Dream -to remember the ONE SELF YOU Are … this one will be brief, simple and clear and if it is your destiny to cross the bridge into your Freedom, you will find a crossing within these pages


"I am currently reading your books and I can't put them down, they are gift that can't be described with words" - Ruth Gistelinck

"John is an amazing spiritual teacher". - Jackie Joy Colvin

"John's books are amazing!" - Barbara Clark

John’s words are like oxygen to someone gasping for breath. - William C. Bailey

I’ve been reading spiritual books for decades. I’ve read most of the best authors, but none has been as clear as John’s books. - Rod Spain

Amazing writing. I feel it in my Heart. - Irina Isakov 

Such clarity and simplicity in your ability to communicate the Truth. - Christine Van Hoose 

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