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The SELF does not ‘act’ – ever. IT is always ‘in the moment’, Real, Pure and Perfect since nothing of the Grand Dream ‘sticks’ to IT to manifest a ‘script’ for ITs behaviour while it occupies a body. On a grander scale, the body as well as the entire universe is actually ‘within’ the SELF because IT is Consciousness and the Grand Dream manifests and appears within IT.

Only the false self ‘performs’ and its actions are multi-faceted, slithering almost seamlessly from one character-mask to another. For example, the masculine bravado reads its aggressive lines to one it considers can be dominated, while it fawns obsequiously, bowing and bending before another it deems more formidable than itself, all the while attempting to hide bitter resentment or conversely, hero worship. It plays on many stages, usually unaware of its clandestine shifts in mood orchestrated by its intricate and unique tapestry of conditioning. The weight of this holographic costume is ponderous and comes with an insidious cocktail of anxiety, trepidation and sorrow.

Nevertheless, it is this unbroken and tedious unconscious performance that always leads it to its knees where the humility of its eventual surrender reveals the effortless spontaneity of the SELF, waiting with open arms at the exist to the theater of illusions for the imprisoned God-SELF.

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