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-What most call Life is a Great Game within a dream and can be molded into anything.

-Most play asleep since they do not know the ‘dream rules’ of ‘dream manifesting’ while they sleep.

-When one plays the game asleep, they take it ‘very seriously’ believing it is real.

-The playing involves ‘contrast’ since the Dream Game is made from the belief in separation.

-Contrast therefore, involves opposition and with that comes ‘conflict’ … there can be no universe without it.

-None of it is Real but while sleeping it ‘feels’ very real and this causes suffering, which arises due to ‘resisting’ WHAT IS.

-It is this suffering, which eventually leads one to the Freedom they ‘are’ … due to its invincible power to ‘bend’ resistance to ‘humility’ where one becomes OPEN to the Perfect guidance of the ‘Voice of Silence’ [the SELF].

-When one is Free, they see the dream clearly ‘as’ a dream and therefore see ALL of it ‘as’ themselves.

-Since Freedom is synonymous with LOVE, what they manifest in the dream is ‘always’ guided ‘by’ and ‘is’ LOVE IT SELF.

-As a result, their unique world shows up only ‘as’ LOVE.

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תגובה אחת

23 באוג׳ 2019

So Beautifully Realized, and there is always more which can remain hidden if the Void is not considered:

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