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The universe is [what appears to be] a vast and endless void, dotted by countless galaxies, equally countless stars within those galaxies, each with planets circling them … some perhaps [likely] capable of sustaining life forms. Add to this the possibility of other universes [perhaps infinite] as well as the theory of many dimensions … and it is easy to accept the ‘idea’ of the insignificance of one single entity call ‘me’.

However, it has been said that ‘anything that has a beginning, and an ending [no matter how long it appears] … is NOT real’ and this unimaginable scenario all of a sudden ‘also’ becomes insignificant … just a projection, an illusion – a dream … a Grand Dream.

It has also been said that there ‘is’ only ONE Reality or SELF – the ONE SELF and ‘all’ these projections occur on the screen of Consciousness ‘within’ this ONE SELF. But for what Purpose? This ONE SELF is said to be Empty Nothing-ness with infinite potential and in order to ‘know’ IT SELF, creates this panorama and ‘steps into’ ALL of it and then forgets Who IT Really Is [for a season] so that IT can experience IT SELF fully. In other words, IT dreams these experiences ‘of’ IT SELF.

This creation is only possible if there is a ‘from here to there’ phenomena since ‘Nothing’ is without borders. This occurs through a single idea – ‘separation’ and from it ‘everything’ that ‘seems to be’ arises. When it ‘steps into’ this Grand Dream IT is simply ‘ONE appearing as many’ … and this includes the illusion of a body-mind-identity most call ‘me’.

Your Reality therefore ‘is’ this ONE SELF and while you ‘as’ IT dream, you believe you are an insignificant limited individual entity.

A great swath of ‘time’ [an emanation that arises from this ‘from here to there’ illusion] seems to play out with a tiny entry in the book of dreams called ‘your lifetime’. During it you struggle in your little-ness to become and have more … as much as you can in order to experience more happiness than sorrow on an endless roller coaster.

Many concepts such as religion, education, personal development and social structures spring up to help you achieve this objective and some rise very high within this flimsy mechanism … most do not. Since the entire structure of this Grand Dream is built on the foundation of the belief in ‘separation’, it is inevitable that a plethora of ‘opposites’ must exist and these in turn result in friction [conflict, chaos and confusion] at ‘some’ level … what many call ‘dark and light’ that swings on a pendulum of major to minor extremes.

The Grand Dream has many dreams within dreams within it and our solar system has one that lasts 26,000 years [within the illusion of time]. This is broken into what may be called a patriarchal influence and a matriarchal influence divided by two periods that are relatively neutral. The mind [the false self body-mind-identity] refers to this as peace [or even heaven]. These periods are approximately 11,000 years, 2,000 years, 11,000 years and 2,000 years.

Recently, we entered another ‘neutral’ phase … what may be called an Era of Peace and Light. As a phase [recently patriarchal] interfaces a neutral phase, there is a collapsing of what ‘has’ prevailed. That collapse is temporarily, in its last years, extremely chaotic as the ‘old’ structures dissolve and new ones arise.

THIS … is what humanity has been experiencing intensely [and continues to experience] these last 3+ years. What follows will briefly outline HOW that collapse has been playing out within the Grand Dream.

REMEMBER … the narrative [story] that follows is no more ‘REAL’ than a movie or a stage play … the same as everything that has been ‘playing out’ within the Grand Dream since the ‘Fall of Consciousness’ [the ONE SELF’s Awareness ‘of’ IT SELF] … again, within the illusion of time.

It ‘is’ possible that the mind that reads this may rebel [perhaps vehemently] against what is explained, however this is of NO importance whatsoever since it is the ‘essence’ of this SHIFT from one era into another that is important and the opportunities that will arise for the ONE SELF YOU Really Are to return to full Awareness.


Approximately 120 years ago [the beginning of the end of the patriarchal era], what may be loosely called a ‘cabal’ of elites began constructing a highly complex and all-pervasive system to completely control the world. This long-range plan involved reducing the population of the planet down to about 5 hundred million, most of which would be slaves to this elite group, which we will call the Deep State or DS.

Members of this DS have always been ‘actively’ present during the patriarchal or matriarchal eras and in relative limbo during the neutral phases. This extremely ‘dark’ influence again is inevitable within a dream where separation and opposites are ‘required’ in order for the ‘manifestation’ of the Grand Dream to occur.

The depth of this darkness included the worship of a supreme darkness some refer to as Moloch. Various good and bad so-called ‘gods’ have been invented and prevailed down through the history of the Grand Dream and this one was the current favorite of the DS.

REMEMBER AGAIN … this is a description of a dream.

This so-called dark god required such things as sacrifices [usually child sacrifices] but also required that what this DS must do in order to gain power was to ‘announce’ what they were ‘going to do’ and have humanity ‘agree’ to it before real tangible results could occur. This was relatively easy to achieve since mass communication’ began to roll out. Telegraph, telephone, radio, television, books, newspapers [now called Main Stream Media – MSM], movies, internet and advertising were ALL infiltrated by the DS and became ‘mind-controlling’ weapons used to bring about a sheep-like obedience.

*** Remember at this point, that while this nefarious agenda was rapidly expanding, it was actually the ENDING of an era and was therefore ‘doomed’ to failure not long in the future [in the illusion of time – A TIME THAT IS NOW HERE]. ***

This DS was required to and was actually able to TELL humanity that it was controlling it [in a multitude of ways] and through their many mind controlling influences, humanity would meekly acquiesce or be completely oblivious to the fact that they were agreeing to be manipulated. As an example, advertising uses ‘spaced repetition’ to ‘program’ behaviour and buying habits. A fad becomes a trend then an accepted way of life over time. Eating habits, fashion and entertainment for instance, are meticulously predesigned LONG BEFORE they appear in day-to-day life.

Over these 120 years, this DS became an enormous octopus with tentacles in EVERY area of human experience. Big Pharma, religion, education, entertainment, food growing and processing, finance and banking, government and politics [borderless] and transportation, to name a few, have been TOTALLY dominated by this DS … even organized crime was a designer-arm of the DS’s heinous agenda. Verifiable records show that most of the entire world has been literally ‘owned’ by two DS corporations.

Literally every breath humanity took was ‘influenced’ in some way by this DS and the larger the deception the easier it was to hide. The DS MSM promoted explanations regarding the JFK assassination, the multitude of wars fought, the Twin Towers and more recently the so-called Pandemic were ALL accepted by the masses as self-evident realities. The various medical organizations, and medical professionals blindly succumbed to these fake pandemic stories, whether through threats, bribes and coercion or direct ‘paid-for’ complicity.

The agenda to depopulate the planet seemed well under way as the mass of ‘deep sleepers’ blindly and meekly succumbed to lock downs, masks, quarantines and the weapon to end it all - the death-jab. All of this was to coral the masses like cattle into the killing fields AND have them not only agree to but openly castigate anyone who apposed what was unfolding … the sheep became surrogate shepherds.

However, as stated the patriarchal era was nearly over along with all it dysfunctional works and the neutral[izing] influence was fast expanding. In the early 60’s Kennedy recognized what Eisenhower had warned about in his last days as President. He made promises to stop this expanding [yet dissolving] DS and was quickly assassinated. That prompted a group of high-ranking military personnel to devise an elaborate plan to bring down the DS. Attempts were made to implement a solution called Nesara/Gesara twice in the next 40 years but these efforts were thwarted, the last action being the Twin Tower conspiracy. *NOTE: Feel free to request a full summary of Nesara/Gesara details at

NOTE: A ‘conspiracy theory’ is an opinion and has no real merit, while a Real conspiracy has irrefutable facts to back it up and CAN be verified. Of course, one must be ‘truly’ OPEN and willing to do the deep-dive-research to find those facts that are always suppressed by the conspirators. Most recently, a common term heard throughout the communications industry is ‘fact-checker’. This is a term used by the DS MSM pawns to suppress facts.

After 911 these dedicated military personnel and those that had been added determined to form an Alliance to bring about the complete destruction of the DS and for this a leader was required. Donald Trump was approached as that leader. The DS MSM has done a hatchet job globally on Trump and many have a totally distorted view of this great leader. Again, if a deep-dive-research is done on his accomplishments, it will quickly be seen [when taking the entire globe into account] that he is easily the greatest leader in recorded history. * NOTE: You may request some of those facts through the same email if you wish.

It is a matter of record that Trump spoke in his first days as President about ‘draining the swamp’. This meant the take-down of the DS. Trump and this dedicated military group formed the Alliance with several countries [that may at this moment ‘appear’ overtly to be unfriendly toward each other] and has now almost accomplished this monumental and highly complex task.

For example:

-the lynch-pin of the DS is ‘money’, which has been controlled by the Federal Reserve [which is NOT federal but owned and controlled by the DS] … has been [behind the scenes at this writing] taken down. The ‘NEW’ Treasury is now the real control of the new Nesara/Gesara system which is now in place and includes what is called the QFS – Quantum Financial System replacing ‘fiat’ [made up money] with gold backed or commodity backed currency. This can easily be seen rolling out everywhere around the world now.

-hundreds of banks around the world that cannot comply with protocols such as Basel 3 and ISO 20022 [regarding minimum capital requirements] have or are about to collapse. Hundreds of DS companies associated with these banks are also folding or have folded.

-35,000 miles of underground tunnels containing millions of abducted and trafficked people [mostly children] have been ‘mostly’ destroyed with multitudes of these tortured beings, being saved. Adrenochrome is the most valued drug in the world and is obtained from tortured children’s blood before killing them. This has been a multi-billion dollar industry for decades. At this writing “The Sound of Freedom” dominates the box office with a partial overview of this horrendous story.

-Big Pharma, which suppressed thousands of natural remedies is all but dismantled [despite appearances at this writing]. The death-jab was the weapon of choice used to murder millions and induce life threatening immune deficiency in billions more. The ‘PLAN-demic’ was orchestrated with the [no more than] mild flu Covid-19 used to lead the sheep to the slaughter. Both hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, touted by Trump in the early days of the fake pandemic, were aggressively suppressed since they had an almost 100% cure ratio. Records were ‘manufactured’ in empty hospitals around the world to validate that covid was genuinely lethal and hundreds of millions were paid to doctors and hospitals for these fake records.

-Hundreds of thousands of DS perpetrators [many with high level profiles in politics, the judicial system, law enforcement and the entertainment fields] have been arrested and gone through military tribunals [which continue to this day]. The 2020 Presidential election, won by Trump in a landslide, was ‘allowed’ to be taken by the DS in order to ‘expose’ many perpetrators … which has been done. The QFS-military has water-marked ballots with the Genuine vote count that the DS was unaware of. Trump was and is still the Commander-in-Chief behind the scenes. Washington DC is a ghost town, virtually empty.

-the citizen-ID-score-card system employed in China to control how people behave has been heavily promoted through the fiat currency CBDC system and ‘appears’ to be rolling out according to the DS MSM. Nevertheless, the gold backed system of Nesara/Gesara is quickly engulfing the world and will ensure the demise of this concept.

Soon a LEVEL-PLAYING-FIELD will exist for ALL of humanity where food, clothing, accommodation, health care and financial security will be made available. This NEW Era of Peace and Light [neutral phase] is rolling out quickly behind the scenes and soon the few who are truly AWARE of this will become the MANY.

This is a tiny glimpse of the SHIFT now occurring rapidly into an Era of Peace and Light where the possibility of returning to the full Awareness of the ONE SELF YOU Really Are will become exponentially simplified. Should that NOT be your destiny at this point, this era will be a Happy Dream that for want of a better term many will call – Heaven on Earth.

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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