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There is the ‘appearance’ of great chaos throughout the world at the moment and few see past the superficial ‘headlines’ of the Grand Dream it is. There are those who do ‘see’ [so-called] … perceiving a clearer ‘version’ of how the Great SHIFT within the Grand Dream is really playing out [though still a dream].

It is an inevitable SHIFT from the imbalance of an eons-long [in the illusion of time] patriarchal tyranny to a phase of ‘balance’ These initial months and years [relatively speaking] of this SHIFT have been tumultuous as the old order ‘pushed-back’ against what could NOT be stopped.

No matter what forces this fading era brought to bear upon the SHIFT, only a brief SPIKE of chaos was possible as its long-entrenched structures collapsed.

Humanity now sits in the theater of dreams about to witness and experience an ‘explosion’ of Beauty and Abundance saturate the planet … beyond comprehension, which will open ‘slightly’ the myopic vision it has lived with for eons.

Blessings beyond all hopes and prayers are about to shower upon you who still sleep.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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