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As the intensity of the Great SHIFT into an era of Peace and Light expands, enormous ‘stress’ has filled the lives of most of humanity. This can be witnessed by the equally expanded ‘dysfunction’ of what most would call ‘normal’, and a feeling for many of ‘losing their minds’. This is to be expected when an era [the recent patriarchy] collapses and a NEW one emerges from the ashes. However, this is a huge blessing for humanity.

REMEMBER … we are speaking about a Grand Dream that most call ‘reality’. Nevertheless, NONE of it ‘is’ real. However, the concept that the day-to-day experience is a dream - no different than a night-time dream but with a kind of continuity, is very difficult for most to accept. Nonetheless, that is precisely what is unfolding for those still imprisoned in the mind – [most of humanity].

While the mind may rebel at some of what follows, here are a few things that ARE currently happening as the old dream winds down and a ‘Happy Dream’ expands:

-massive ‘empirical evidence’ proliferates that the death-jab [a bio-weapon designed to reduce the world population by the Deep State [DS] One-World-Order elites], has eliminated tens of millions and injured billions worldwide,

-fiat currency [money created out of thin air for the last 100 years by the Fed (not Federal but DS)] has been almost entirely replaced by ‘asset-backed’ currency, thereby destroying the foundational infrastructure of the DS. This can be recognized by the massive bank failures that have and are still occurring around the world. This is due (in part) to non-compliance with such NEW global financial requirements such as Basel 3,

-Direct Energy Weapons have recently been used across the planet to destroy entire towns [example – West Maui], as part of the last-ditch attempt to bring down the world-Alliance that is dismantling the DS,

-the massive ongoing arrests of pedophile pockets that blanket the planet and the destruction of thousands of miles of underground tunnels that have processed millions of children a year for decades in this regard … are beginning to hit the corrupt mainstream media [MSM] and trickle down to the ‘shocked’ sleeping masses. These arrests include many high profile names in the entertainment industry and in high political positions,

-A complete ramp-up of the global financial systems through the Quantum Financial System [QFS] and a Global Financial Reset to gold back currencies … is unfolding at this moment. This is accompanied by Nesara/Gesara, which is [currently in the background] revolutionizing the playing field so that ‘everyone’ will enjoy life with ALL the basics provided for and opportunities that have not been imagined becoming available for everyone to live life Abundantly,

-the roll-out of unbelievable medical technologies such as MED BEDS that will ‘completely eliminate’ the manipulative Big Pharma/Medical Establishment stranglehold on health care … is imminent,

-this extraordinary SHIFT in the way the world will function in Peace and Light has been agreed upon by 209 countries [the entire world] as is ‘so-far partially evidenced’ by the massive expansion of the BRICS membership. Much more evidence will become obvious to ALL in the coming months … which will completely ‘expose’ the day-today lies of the MSM,

Losing one’s mind is absolutely necessary for genuine FREEDOM to come upon each one who is now imprisoned in the belief of limitation. It is the mind that generates the ‘illusion’ that most call reality. The mind itself is the outcome of thought, which in turn emanates from the primal belief in separation … the first illusion [what some call the ‘fall of man’ (consciousness)]. This will be replaced by Heart-centered ‘thinking’.

At this turning [The Great SHIFT] of an era, as is now occurring, the belief systems that have dominated [mostly patriarchal in this ending era], are rapidly collapsing as the NEW emerges. This current EXPANDING era is a period of relative ‘balance’ … what the mind would/will call ‘peace’. Be assured that no matter how the world APPEARS at the moment, humanity is fast approaching the most glorious phase it has experienced in thousands of years … [still a dream – but a very Happy Dream].

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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