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Most people have a shifting list of ideal circumstances they would prefer … ‘if’ only they could have them. A few are very specific about their ideal life and connect this to goal sheets, vision boards combined with regular affirmation and visualization work. No matter how dedicated and focused these objectives may be … they are still ‘desires’, which are the roots of ALL suffering. They cement the belief in separation, and this validates the belief that they are ‘incomplete’. From there, despite many so-called dreams coming true, at the very least this suffering is ‘always’ simmering beneath the radar of one’s awareness.

The structure of the Grand Dream is founded on what one ‘has’ and ‘clings to’ together with what one ‘does NOT have’ and ‘craves’. These tendencies breathe life into the unfolding dysfunctional experiences most of humanity currently has. Nevertheless, these unfulfilled dreams as well as coveted attachments ‘do’ keep one’s attention riveted on what is NOT real and ultimately this chronic angst leads to total frustration and the eventual turn ‘within’ where Truth resides.

If all desires were somehow instantly manifested very soon boredom would set in and a new set of dreams would emerge … insuring the continuation of the merry-go-round of unfulfillment. Your very frustration with WHAT IS ultimately leads to your YES ‘to’ it … and, this ‘surrender’ leads to the direct route Home to Wholeness and Freedom.

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