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When that which animates the body departs, that shell is no more. The mind, which many call a person, a product of the conditioning of countless incarnations, continues on in subtler bodies … unless Self Realization took place during that sojourn within the dream world [this temporary false self calls reality]. The still conditioned false self [newly departed from a body] may meet up with so called ‘others’ they have known during their recent physical experience as well as from other incarnations … they too are still dreaming. They may also meet so called higher beings that they have come to believe in [this is a made-up concept since ALL are ONE].

When their conditioning/karma is balanced [not gone … just balanced] in that etheric realm, they return for another round … another opportunity to step from behind the veil of dreams. This ‘beyond’ or ‘other side’ many refer to as ‘your heavenly reward’ where one is supposed to ‘rest in peace’ … is no less a ‘dream’ than the one they recently left. Further, none of this is actually happening. All of it is a projection on the screen of Consciousness, in which this Grand Dream is flickering as the illusory movie it is.

Nothing has in some way gone ‘wrong’, no mistakes have been made … it’s a grand game, in which you ‘as’ the slumbering God-SELF You Are, play in until you become tired of it and choose to return HOME. Play on, play on, until you have had enough.

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