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As always, these periodic ‘Updates’ about the ‘world narrative’ speak to the ever-changing landscape of the dream that most call reality. They are not meant to imply that these things are actually ‘real’, only a projection on the screen of Consciousness within the ONE SELF ‘YOU’ Really Are.


The planet and humanity have entered the final phase of the ‘transition’ into an Era of Peace and Light [a Happy Dream – but still a dream]. The highly escalated chaos, fear and tension that currently pervades this landscape attests to this final collapse of the last Era of patriarchal imbalance represented by what many refer to as the Deep State [DS], Elites, cabal or illuminati.

The most obvious irrefutable and incontestable testimony to this collapse is the rapid ‘shift’ into a ‘gold-backed’ global economy, replacing the empty-nothingness of the ‘fiat-currency’ system that the DS used to enslave humanity. Every ‘symptom’, whether obvious or still hidden from the masses is tied inextricably to this major SHIFT. This has been unfolding at lightning speed since 2012 and more poignantly and obviously [to those who do ‘real’ research] since the 2017 Trump inauguration, which was orchestrated by global military factions to ‘takedown’ the DS. On a global scale Trump is easily the greatest leader the world has ever seen ‘historically’. Anyone still naively maligning this man has certainly NOT dug into the myriad of his accomplishments as the pivotal focus in this SHIFT into the New Era of Light and Peace. For example, Trump is still the real CIC [Commander in Chief] and the fake President has been ‘played’ under masks by 4 different actors since the last election was stolen … as will be soon revealed.

A few of these outstanding endeavors in association with a global Alliance of nations include:

-The introduction and implementation of Nesara/Gesara, which is NOW leveling the playing field for ALL of humanity [links to files on these are available upon request]

-The destruction of 35,000 miles of underground tunnels around the world [the Ukraine war being a major effort in that regard] used for human [mostly children] trafficking for sex, adrenochrome production, organ harvesting, food added to global supplies, and satanic rituals.

The take-over and restructuring of the corporatocracy that has owned and controlled virtually ALL commerce and industry globally.

-exposure of the MSM [mainstream media] and educational systems that have been the ‘programming’ instruments used by the DS to manipulate the beliefs of billions.

-The destruction of the DS plans to eliminate all but 500 million people from the planet. For example, the ‘scam-demic’, which was orchestrated to vaccinate everyone with deadly ingredients. At this moment over 1 billion people have been murdered in this way. This is also leading to the total take-down of Big Pharma which was established to ‘create’ illnesses and then offer so-called cures [only band aids and never cures] to generate $trillions for the DS.

-The introduction of massive humanitarian projects to re-build the world including enormous sums of money that are at this moment being distributed to many who are and have been aware of what has REALLY been going on.

-The soon to be released Med-Beds that will restore total health to all of humanity and which transcends the most optimistic and imaginative concepts of what is possible [within the dream].

This covers just a few aspects of what has and is occurring at this moment. Many refer to this as ‘Awakening’ but suffice it to say this is only awakening ‘from’ one dream into another [a Happier Dream] … NOT Reality that few as yet are ready for. Nevertheless, many will take that much greater step in the next 2,000 years of this New Era where the Light of Truth will shine brightly.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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