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-Your unique world dream is sculpted out of the ‘strength’ of your desires.

-Desires produce conditioning [attachments, expectations and identifications] and the body-mind-identity called a person unfolds from this.

-Desires perpetuate experiences and expand them depending on their intensity.

-Desires are what bring this individual entity called ‘me’ back into dream after dream life [so called reincarnation].

- Even the intense desire for Enlightenment keeps you bound to the dream wheel of rebirth through the illusion of separation.

When desire ceases to exist the dream world most call reality also ceases and the SELF You Really Are is revealed. This is why simply BEING is encouraged … but what does this mean? It means allowing ‘what comes to come’ without interference. The SELF You Are [God – Consciousness – ONE] ‘knows’ precisely and perfectly ‘what to do, where to go, what to say and to whom’ in each moment. If IT is left alone the flow of LIFE is Natural and True.

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