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Thousands meditating together on the reduction of crime ‘can’ reduce it significantly. Millions praying for rain ‘can’ bring it on. A fad that becomes a trend ‘can’ influence the marketing of products, ideas and beliefs around the world for hundreds of millions of people. Intense and passionate ‘focused attention’ [by any name] by one individual or many ‘can and does’ shift the circumstances in a given situation or even globally, often for years.

If you are ‘moved’ to participate in such activities … then for now they are for you.

Whatever issue that is being addressed within the Grand Dream may be altered or even eradicated completely, however the ‘collective conditioning’ that ‘brought about’ the circumstance(s) will still ‘play out in some way’ … perhaps having no resemblance at all to the original experience.

For example, one who lives with deep seated conditioning related to anger may experience a life filled with violence as this inner attention draws these circumstances into their life experiences. Should this one find their situation thrown into a totally different environment where peace is a relatively stable influence, unless the conditioning within has been transformed, that influence will appear elsewhere … perhaps through a violent accident.

Nothing ‘out there’ has a ‘physical cause’ … everything arises from within. The discovery of the True SELF is the only way that ALL conditioning is transformed and remains the ‘only’ real purpose one has until it occurs.

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