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“The kingdom of heaven is within you”??? Within ‘who’? What does ‘heaven’ mean?

There ‘is’ no you in the sense of an individual body-mind-identity … an illusion made out of the conditioning accumulated from the original delusion of separation – the ‘appearance’ of many out of the ONE SELF … the Real YOU. Heaven suggests a ‘perfect’ state and it too is a made-up concept within the delusion of ‘opposites’ [good-bad, heaven-hell] emanating again from the belief in separation. This kingdom of heaven statement speaks to the ‘mind’ trapped in a separation-prison.

There ‘is’ no ‘within’ … the ONE SELF You Really Are has no boundaries that could produce an outside and an inside. The ‘heaven’ statement is meant to ‘nudge’ ATTENTION ‘away from’ this separation belief that fosters ‘all’ illusions and onto One-ness. One-ness [Emptiness] is the only ‘True’ state, which is beyond ‘any’ concept of something called heaven.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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