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Words cannot contain Truth because Truth is infinite and cannot be confined. As a result, any spoken or written word is immediately ‘less than’ Truth … another name for the ONE SELF. The senses can touch Truth a little closer than words. An exquisite sunset, the birds’ song, the brush of a downy feather, the fragrance of a rose, the taste of honey, but just as an artist struggles to paint what is felt, these experiences and innumerable others can only touch the hem of the garment of Truth.

 Intuition can hear a symphony in ‘one note’ as Mozart experienced. It can see colours not known to the eye and hear sounds that ears cannot hear, but still the ‘essence of Truth’, although captured all at once … is not ‘known’.

 It is the Silence of ‘BEING’, beyond words or the flash of entire worlds felt in an instant that ‘is’ the language of Truth. It ‘can’ be conveyed through what seems to be the eyes of one who lives ‘as’ Truth or simply in their Presence, and when this occurs ‘in some cases’ one’s Life transforms completely … it is one’s ‘readiness’ that determines what happens.

 Silence is NOT the absence of sound [although that is often the case] but can occur in the midst of a cacophony of noise … the setting cannot impinge on the boundless realm of Truth. To communicate with the language of Truth, you ]YOU] must be free of the personal self altogether, and then … in the Empty, Still Silence, ‘everything’ is known.

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