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Energy is ‘real’ … ONLY within the Grand Dream that the universe and your world experience ‘is’ … but still, an illusion projected on the screen of Consciousness on which and in which the ONE SELF YOU Really Are ‘knows’ IT SELF … begin there.

The manipulation ‘of’ energy and the information that determines the form it will take arises through focused thought combined with passion. INTENTION + ATTENTION + PASSION = MANIFESTATION.

What manifests is then ‘colored’ by your unique ‘conditioning [attachments, expectations and identifications] and determines ‘how’ you will experience each manifestation from the microcosm of tiny moments to the macrocosm of an entire lifetime. So-called ‘success’ for example, can be experienced in relative happiness or laden with feelings of guilt, shame, remorse and unworthiness [the fundamental aspects of ‘all’ conditioning].

If one goes to a natural healer who has acquired [to some degree] an understanding of these fundamental and simple manifestation parameters, they may experience total ‘so-called’ healing, while another with precisely the same physical dysfunctions may experience absolutely no difference. Again, this is based on one’s conditioning. EVERYTHING … everything … is oriented in some way ‘around’ one’s conditioning [the clouds that hide the ONE SELF YOU Are], and everything dovetails into and toward the dissolving ‘of’ ALL conditioning and the return to the full Awareness of Your True SELF.

This means that no matter how masterful your ability is related to the manipulation of energy [or those who may assist you with that] … everything will be ‘affected’ by your conditioning and your return to that Awareness.

Superficial spirituality is concerned with using what it calls ‘spiritual laws’ to make one’s world ‘dream’ more comfortable [some call this The Happy Dream]. Those who dive deeply into the genuine Freedom ‘of’ this Awareness find the going gets very challenging as conditioning dissolves … BUT also find the Light-ness of Truth enveloping their every experience.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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