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In its rightful place the mind is the servant to the Heart [the ONE SELF YOU Are]. It is simply an operating system that has usurped the throne of Truth through the belief in separation. It is a tyrant whose soldiers are your attachments to a realm of illusions in its made-up world of dreams … both the darkest and the lightest. It looks out at its kingdom of infinite contrast and speaks of good and evil proclaiming itself the hero in a very dangerous environment. “Only through expanding its knowledge, expertise and control can you hope to be safe” - it proclaims. Emptiness is its arch-enemy.

Its greatest claim to your obedience is its constant reference to Love as the source and cure for every discord … and while this ‘is’ True, it has no concept of what Love is since the conditioning that defines it, veils all but the tiniest aperture of genuine Love awareness.

The mind is the false self most call ‘me’ … for the Love YOU Are [SELF] to be truly known the mind’s ancient reign of ignorance and control … must dissolve. This is what ‘Stilling the mind’ means. The direct route is through Self Inquiry/Surrender.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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