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Who you ‘really are’ is the nagging question ALL have with most leaning toward their strongest interests … the things that seem to drive their existence. It is the fly-paper of the grand dream that catches one through what attracts them passionately. The first attraction for most of humanity is ‘survival’ and then ‘comfort’, which expands into ‘sensory distractions’ keeping one skimming the surface of genuine Living. These distractions can be powerfully seductive since the world celebrates those who seem to have achieved the ultimate expressions of sensual pleasure. If it were not for so many of these icons falling from Grace, this trap would hold the majority within its glamorous embrace forever.

Life [the SELF] has a way of ‘bursting the illusions of these bubbles’ and bringing both icon and devotee to their knees where is impossible to trip. The grand dream is the ‘offspring’ of the mind, which itself is a dream [a temporary finger in the glove of Consciousness] and what is a dream, always has an ending.

In that ‘void’, painful as it often is … lies the great opportunity to Truly ‘see’ clearly.

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