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The nature of Consciousness is JOY, and yet in the deep slumber of forgetfulness while it dreams in the universe of possibilities manifested, IT experiences a roller coaster of intermingled happiness and sorrow as IT longs for and searches for and craves the JOY of IT SELF in full Awareness … such is the tension that draws IT ever upward from the depths of separation, back into IT SELF as ONE.

Consciousness is the ‘body’ of the emptiness of the Unknowable and offers a backdrop upon which the projection of the universal dream can ‘seem’ to appear. This same Consciousness steps into its projections, animates them whether in the solid and ancient stillness of a mountain or the hectic dance of the briefest of life expressions within the illusion of time. Its Awareness, while occupying its manifestations is largely without what most refer to as free will and so it ‘flows’ with the natural symmetry of One-ness ‘without choice’.

However, within the dream of ‘free will’ that humans seem to possess [also an illusion] IT is in constant opposition to this natural flow and as a result lingers in a simmering angst of stress, worry and fear in an attempt to ‘control’ and fix what is already Perfect.

Nevertheless, IT is in this endless chaos, manifesting as a myriad of suffering that the struggle eventually bends the knee of the illusion of an individual self and turns the slumbering Consciousness inward toward its return HOME to IT SELF. This is the natural process of the Unknowable ‘knowing’ IT SELF through the arc of un-conscious to conscious awareness within ITs temporary manifestations … from the swinging agony of happiness and sorrow back to the JOY IT ‘is’.

#16 -sent from our Retreat at the Forest in the Sky - Flamingo Dai Lai Resort in Vietnam

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