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When you recall a ‘memory’ of something from the past [so called], you are ‘making up’ a new dream. When you ‘imagine’ changing the memory to accommodate what you would have like it to be, you are ‘making up’ a new dream. When you ‘imagine’ something you would like to occur in the future [so called], you are ‘making up’ a new dream. The entire world as you know it is a Grand Dream assembled just like that. What you are ‘not aware of’ does not exist ‘in’ your unique dream … this closes in the walls of your world dramatically. Further, when your mind is occupied on a single thing – anything … the rest of your dream world ceases to exist and returns only through memory … despite the dream ‘appearing’ linear and continuous – it isn’t.

This dream memory is added to and subtracted from constantly just as your ‘body-dream’ seems to change and age. So powerful is the faculty of the mind to manufacture dreams that all manner of things and experiences come into your unique dream tailor made to fit your expectations, attachments and identifications [your conditioning]. It’s a movie script that is being written and rewritten ‘on the fly’, scene by scene, in which you are the screen-writer, actor, producer and director … and, none of it is Real since anything which comes and goes has no real existence.

The ONE Consciousness witnessing this play of dreams ‘is’ Real, as is ITs experience of it … and YOU Are that Consciousness. This is how the God YOU Are plays. There is ‘nothing’ in these dreams that makes you somehow ‘wrong’ … only the character you have identified yourself as beieves these things, but it too has no real existence. Everything is okay … you can relax in this knowing and put away all guilt, shame, remorse and unworthiness feelings because YOU, ‘as’ Consciousness, have NOT done anything wrong ever … actually, you have NOT DONE anything – ALL IS WELL.

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