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Very few aspects of one’s conditioning have as much ‘influence’ over behaviour than ‘the need for approval’ … fitting in and being accepted. This acceptance is not just from those that are close but society in general. The ease with which humanity has been manipulated [particularly by the media, advertising, education and religion] targeting this ‘Achilles heal’, is without rival. Never has this been so prevalent than in this last year as the collapsing patriarchy takes its last gasp before dissolving into an Age of Peace and Light.

So simple is it to drive the attention of people to buy products and services or form new opinions and beliefs that this insidious method of programming is subtly and ‘recently’ even overtly slipped into communications of every kind. Being ‘left out’ is the same as ‘not being loved’ to the false self who worships the illusion of separation beyond any man-made concept of god it may follow. It is the mirror for the greatest fear there is, the fear of the death of the individual identity - being NOTHING.

It is this ever-present spectre that keeps most spiritually oriented people from making the ultimate and essential NO MATTER WHAT choice to be Free. This is why when the choice is made it is called “standing in the fire of who you are NOT”.

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