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The Grand Dream, which ‘is’ the universe and ALL that is within it that comes and goes, has taken a dramatic SHIFT into a New Era of Peace and Light. Every 11,000 years [in dream time] there is a 2,000 year phase where the imbalances of the past resolve into ‘relative balance’ bringing about what the mind would call ‘peace’. REAL Peace is Who You Are and is NOT possible within the dreaming.

This is manifesting as the collapse of a patriarchal phase [highly dysfunctional in this last century and ‘spiking’ at the moment as its tyranny is exposed and dissolved]. In terms of ‘ways and means’ a concept called Nesara/Gesara … National/Global Economic Security and Reformation Act is now ‘officially’ unfolding. It will ‘level the playing field’ for ALL in terms of food, clothing, shelter, financial security and health care while eliminating many elements of ‘control’ mechanisms that have kept humanity in chains.

In the coming days, weeks and months the world will learn of and be the recipients of many blessings including: debt relief where any financial instrument that was created out of ‘fiat’ [fake] currency will be deleted … such as student loans, mortgages, credit cards and more, increases in benefits to seniors, the elimination of income taxes and much, much more. However, along side the relaxation of financial insecurity will be shocking revelations including the yearly global enslavement of millions of children that for decades has pervaded every corner of the earth through trafficking and much worse, the corruption of virtually every government on the planet as well as their judicial systems, law enforcement and a host of government oriented so-called ‘services’ that were controlled by the deep state cabal most would have called conspiracy theories.

Despite the universal manipulation of information perpetrated by this deep state tyranny and orchestrated through their totally controlled mainstream media, most people are now aware that the banking systems and other financial systems, that are in complete collapse as ‘fiat’ currency [backed by nothing] is replaced by gold backing. This eliminates a host of abuses such as inflation and money laundering.

209 countries have signed on for Nesara/Gesara and most are now compliant and this ensures that countries will no longer be able to oppress their neighbours or their citizens without losing their ability to trade within the New QFS [Quantum Financial System] fully operational as of April 17th, 2023. That means Peace on earth.

There is much more to what is now occurring globally that all will learn about soon but despite the enormous SHIFT in the well-being of humanity that will manifest, the genuine ‘Peace’ that is at the center of every heart’s longing, will NOT occur while the mind still dominates. The body-mind-identity that most call ‘me’ came into being as a result of the belief in separation where ‘opposites’ manifest a steady stream of chaos, conflict and confusion. For Real Peace to be experienced the mind must be subdued by the Heart.

This means the greatest opportunity that the ‘free time’ this New Era will offer is the chance to make this simple but great shift from mind-oriented living to a Heart centered expression. For those who make this their priority the REAL will replace the dream that permeates every crevice of the illusory world most call reality. The door now stands open for anyone who will to choose Truth over dreaming.

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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