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There are many experiences beyond the physical realm in the Grand Dream and everyone experiences them in part when they go into a night-time sleeping dream. This is often called ‘astral projection’ but it is the same ‘you’ you call ‘me’ in a subtler body. You experience manifestations based still on your ‘conditioning’ in this realm where many physical laws [dream laws] do not apply. This is also where many ‘seem’ go when they leave their physical body at its so-called death before they return for another round of physical dreaming while the belief in separation persists. There are other subtler realms like the mental and causal planes where conscious awareness is somewhat lower or higher [always remembering that ALL of this ‘is’ still just a dream within the Grand Dream].

In the last 50+ years there have been many reported and documented NDE’s [near death experiences], which have expanded the belief of millions that there ‘is’ in fact something ‘after’ so-called death. Nevertheless, none of this is ‘real’ … it is simply part of a more expanded dream where ‘what comes, also goes’. The Real YOU – the SELF, does ‘not’ change and is beyond any temporary psychic or supernatural experience, no matter how beautiful. The false self loves to celebrate and focus on phenomena because it serves to distract Attention away from Truth.

There ‘is’ no ‘other side’ [except as another dream] … the SELF is ‘All There Is’ and is ‘all-pervasive’. The Grand Dream seems to ‘fill’ the Nothing-ness of the ONE-SELF, but it is no more than the flickering and shifting of Light playing in a field of dreams … still ‘out there’ where Truth is NOT. To experience Truth/Reality … one must place their ‘undivided’ Attention on IT and genuine surrender ‘to’ Truth ‘is’ this Attention. When this surrender is present IT will reveal IT SELF.

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