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The dream has so many faces,

Despair and Beauty

Pathos and greed

Tragedy and passion

So many scripts

So many masks to wear

The hapless dreamer scarcely dons one

Before discarding the character

For a different more seductive flavor

So fickle is the dreamer in their deep, deep sleep

Grasping, snatching, grovelling for the crumbs the play offers

Never satisfied, always searching for the ultimate high

Never to be found on the pages of dreaming

Honoring, degrading, celebrating and guilting

The limitless masquerades they use

To disguise the ‘Real’

An exhausting enterprise it is to hide

The ONE and only SELF ‘from’ IT SELF

Only the complete ‘Emptiness’ the actor finally feels

When each part has been played

Brings them to the threshold of

The grandeur that Emptiness ‘is’

No part played came close

To the wonder of Nothing-ness

Nor the Peace realized

When all false burdens are laid aside

And the gentle kiss of Love’s Presence returns

… Never having left

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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