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Most of humanity believes the world-universe and their experiences in it - is real. This belief directs attention - ‘outward’. What is observed is a ‘precise mirror’ of who they believe they are based on the conditioning that manifested their made-up reality. Where there is self judgment, unworthiness, guilt, shame and remorse and a myriad of feelings that exemplify self hatred, this outward focused attention ‘points a finger’ at so-called ‘others’ who seem to represent the ‘conditioned appearance’ of the cause of their anger, fear and misery.

There is no solution for these constantly shifting reflections as history has illustrated. The best that can be accomplished is to shuffle the same energy and repackage it to appear elsewhere again and again. Until the suffering generated from this endless loop drives attention ‘inward’ the conflict, confusion and chaos manifested from this dream - continues. The power of ‘surrender’ that occurs from the inward shift of attention … ends the treadmill of misery.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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