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Conditioning that is ready to be transformed, rises quickly to the surface when one has made the NO MATTER WHAT choice to be Free. Many believe that if and when they choose to embrace a spiritual life their world will soon begin to reflect happiness and peace everywhere, and for many who join the communities of those with this surface-concept, this can seem be their initial experience. Nevertheless, these environments only superficially touch the blocks to Love’s Awareness and cannot mask the simmering angst of conditioning ‘suppressed’ beneath smiles and embraces devoid of the deep dive required to shake the cage of sleep.

The NO MATTER WHAT choice to be Free can be and often is a very solitary experience where the prison guards of the Light they are … often hidden in plain sight indifferently drop their disguises while continuing their seductive dances. The attachments, expectation and identifications that define the false self are highly arrogant believing they ‘are’ you and hold on fiercely when you choose humility, transparency and authenticity at the door-less door to the Freedom you have never left.

Know that when your world seems to be reflecting the dysfunction of your unique conditioning … everywhere you turn, that your Freedom is beckoning. Your simple but resolute YES to these illusory images draws enormous support to help you through what feels very real but in Truth has no more power than a thick fog you can easy walk through.

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