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All roads, all paths, all modalities, all practices, all disciplines eventually funnel into the “Who am I?” of Self Inquiry – Surrender.

This single question, when asked from the surrendered heart [another way of saying one has made the NO MATTER WHAT choice to be Free] … clears the clouds that ‘seem’ to have hidden the Real YOU. Constantly ‘referring’ to this simple question eventually steps you ‘off’ the wheel of conditioning/karma … that which manifests your personal identity or false you.

As you continue this question with thoughts that ‘stand out’ apart from the thousands of thoughts each day, a gradual soft sense of lightness occurs, as if heavy weights are falling away from your Being. The essence of Joy expands along with a growing feeling of Loving everyone and everything. The Real YOU begins to emerge from behind the phantom clouds of conditioning and you ‘shift’ into the realization that ‘everything’ you believed was ‘out there’ is actually ‘inside’ YOU as Consciousness.

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