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The mind [false self] arises out of the conditioned-thought that comes about from the idea of ‘separation’ … that is, that the Truth that there ‘is’ only ONE ‘SELF’ [God, Consciousness] … is ‘not’ true. It is the mind that manifests the holographic illusion of the entire universe, the world you seem to live within and the body you seem to be as an identity ‘with’ the mind. In deep ‘dreamless’ sleep, all these disappear into the nothing-ness from which they arose and reappear when you awaken into the daytime dream [yet still sleeping].

To return to the full Awareness ‘of’ the SELF as your only Real identity:

“Other than Self Inquiry there are no adequate means to make the mind permanently subside.” – Ramana.

Self Inquiry/Surrender is simple and therefore very hard to believe as the single way-less-way Home to Freedom. It works like this:

When you are ‘triggered’ by anything, such as anger, you ask: “Who is it that is angry?” The answer is always and ‘only’ - me. This is followed by: “Who am I?” This hands this bit of conditioning over to Grace [Love in action] Who shines Light on the false self, which then recedes … little by little back into the Real SELF, finally to dissolve totally. Add to this total Surrender, such as: “Thy will be done” and you are handing absolute control of your dream experience over to the SELF, which WILL very soon become your ‘only’ experience.


HOW SUFFERING LEADS TO FREEDOM” - The Transition out of Deep Sleep to Liberation - by John McIntosh

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