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As the Great SHIFT expands from the collapsing dysfunctional patriarchy into a neutral phase, the chaos, conflict and confusion sweeping the planet is also expanding. The false-self-identity hungers for ‘continuity’ … even if its uncomfortable. To it, the enemy that is known is always better than the Unknown. When these Great SHIFTS occur, nothing that seems consistent remains in place as systems fall apart everywhere. This is terrifying to the false self as life feels increasingly unstable and uncertain.

The Unknown ‘is’ the very Nature of the SELF … the Real YOU. IT/YOU lives spontaneously in the moment, fearless of outcomes. This moment-to-moment living, as unappealing as it is for many, ‘is’ Reality … it is the Freedom and the Peace that YOU Are. During these days of turmoil many frustrations, long suppressed will surface and it is very common for uncontrolled ‘outbursts’ to occur within one’s own behaviour and this can often shock the false self who is used to keeping a ‘lid’ on awkward feelings.

Embrace these moments, they are a clear mirror for what has long held the slumbering God-SELF prisoner to the belief that IT is a limited and tiny entity called a person. These are momentary opportunities to genuinely Love the SELF YOU Are by simply saying YES to What Is occurring [without self recrimination]. Rest in the knowing that what is coming up is NOT Who YOU Are … only an ancient disguise the SELF has worn that is melting away in the rising sun of Truth.

-image by Solveig Larsen


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