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There ‘is’ nothing but the SELF. Whatever name one uses for Pure Conscious Awareness, whether it be God, I AM, ONE or any of the many religious names available … the SELF is the ‘only’ reality. The universe and everything in it is a holographic projection on the blank screen of this Consciousness. The projection is ‘also’ the SELF but a temporary illusion emanating ‘from’ IT. When you hear that someone has channeled this or that Archangel or Master or entity from some far away star system … it is the SELF. If someone says their ‘guides’ have been counseling them … that too is the SELF. In both cases this is assuming it is ‘not’ simply their ‘conditioning’ in disguise. If you say that your ‘higher self’ is getting closer or trying to reach you or get through to you … it is the SELF.

Who is it that is saying there is this higher or ascended or enlightened or Divine Being somehow ‘outside’ themselves communicating with them? The SELF knows nothing of ‘other’ despite the myriad of projected images that populate the dream you dwell within. The SELF knows ‘only’ IT SELF. Even in your dreaming state it is the SELF seeping through the cracks of the false self, communicating ‘with’ IT SELF.

When you place these illusionary invisible beings that you believe know more than the Real YOU and have special abilities – ‘out there’ somewhere, you are validating the illusion of separation. This is the same support given to separation that speaking about ‘seeking’ or a ‘path’ reinforces [since these statements are time bound]. The SELF is only and ever and always here NOW ‘as’ YOU. Your ‘self-talk’ either ‘Expands’ this Truth or ‘pushes it aside’ for some unknown future experience that will never come.

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