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There ‘is’ only the SELF, call IT what you will: Consciousness, I AM, God, ONE … it matters not. IT alone ‘IS’ and there is ‘nothing’ else but the SELF. This can mean only one thing - ALL that seems to be is also the SELF and … this includes you. There is no such things as a ‘supreme being’ that is somehow ‘beyond’ you. For most, this is blasphemy, or simply insane, such is the all pervasive influence of religious teachings, whether you were brought up in an organized religion or not.

The camouflage that masks this ‘simple’ Truth keeps one trapped in an endless round of re-births, which allow them to once again begin ‘seeking’ what is NOT lost. The very ‘seeking’ suggests that What IS … is NOT here and now and this places it out in the future where IT does NOT exist since time and space are illusions manifested out of the belief in separation.

Declaring that you ‘are’ the SELF [no need to do this out loud] EXPANDS the Awareness of this Truth in your experience and anything that stands in the way of that Awareness [conditioning] will begin rising like weeds to pull up, ideally through Self Inquiry. This will occur when you are sufficiently frustrated with the illusion of being an individual person.


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