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-Having self confidence does not bring you to the Freedom YOU Are.

-Having a strong sense of self worth/esteem is not a sign that you are Free or approaching Freedom.

-Having a positive mental attitude does not mean you are Aware of Who You Really Are.

None of these and many other mind-oriented concepts have ‘anything’ to do with the SELF. The SELF cannot be attained in full Awareness ‘through’ the mind, which is simply a bundle of conditioned thoughts both ancient [in the illusion of time] and current. The mind does NOT define the Real YOU. In its rightful place the mind is simply the servant ‘of’ the SELF within the illusion of a body-mind-identity … not the master most believe it is.

The SELF does NOT change. IT is unbroken Peace, Love [unconditioned], Freedom, Beauty, Truth and Abundance without boundaries. Nothing can be ‘done’ to IT to make IT more accessible. IT cannot be seduced by prayers that beg and bargain. It responds to IT SELF [the slumbering God-SELF wrapped in conditioning] when this counterpart begins to ‘awaken’ and express IT SELF through genuine Surrender and the deep longing for Freedom [remembering Who IT ‘is’].


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