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There ‘is’ only the SELF [by any name]

Is it possible to ‘offend’ the SELF?

Is it possible for the SELF to offend?

The SELF is ‘nothing’, ‘empty’ … nothing ‘sticks’ to IT since IT has no conditioning which can be offended such as an identity with this or that so-called integrity or reputation that could be affected or even destroyed. The SELF cannot offend because IT is only Aware of IT SELF and communicates ‘only’ with IT SELF. If a false self is exposed to something that does not appeal to it that emanates from the SELF it is ‘very possible’ it will be offended … but it is not real and can therefore not be affected in any ‘real’ sense, no matter how many other false selves [so-called] agree with it.

When a slumbering God-SELF is Awakening behind the masks of a false-self-identity, IT has only one Purpose and that is to Awaken to ITs True nature ‘fully’. If some drama arises … no matter how intense it may seem, the response is always to remain in total surrender to the SELF who will orchestrate events perfectly. This could mean anything from a so-called ‘peaceful’ resolution to the drama/story to the total annihilation of the false-self-identity’s image and reputation. To the false self this is ‘very serious’ but it is not of any ‘real’ concern … the scenario, the dramatic mirror … is there to show you who you are NOT.

The player(s) in the drama/story are actors reading ‘your’ script [the SELF’s], which is written to trigger some conditioning that is ready to be transformed. The slumbering God-Self’s ‘only’ response is to be vigilant for ITs total Freedom and not to in some way try to remedy [as a doer] the story by ‘reacting’. This takes ruthless authenticity that very few as yet have.

Nevertheless, the increase in world drama illustrates the ‘expanding’ capacity of the surrendering slumbering God-SELF to ‘watch in Silence’ as ITs fully Aware counterpart orchestrates its total Freedom. This is the True meaning of “turning the other cheek” since the SELF ‘knows’ everything is unfolding ‘perfectly … always’.

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