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As the dream-world SHIFTS into a ‘happy dream’, the many disguises the ONE SELF wears are being discarded. They have been worn for eons and have an ‘illusory life’ of their own that fights to retain the delusion of a separate existence. As this last gasp unfolds, we are seeing an ‘explosive acting-out’ of the conditioned false-self as it desperately attempts to remain alive. We are witnessing this throughout the dream-world as wild behaviour laden with chaos, confusion and abuse in a frenzied clinging to its remaining ‘flimsy’ control of events. To the deep-sleepers the world they call reality appears to have gone crazy, but what is really occurring is the last ditch ‘fizzle’ of the fading dysfunctional patriarchy.

It will continue to flap its broken wings a while longer in clock time but be assured that the foundation of the emerging happy-dream has been laid and what is unfolding quickly now is a beautiful era of Peace and Light. For most, this will be their new ‘version of reality’, but beyond this ‘new’ dream is Truth, which awaits with open arms for the few who are willing to ‘stand in the fire of who they are NOT’ … to realize the ONE SELF They Really Are.

“THE GREAT SHIFT ‘explained”- The World You Have Known Is Collapsing. Here Is Why It’s a GIFT

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