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"Self Inquiry is the one infallible means to realize the (un)conditioned, Absolute Being [ONE SELF] that You Really Are.” – Ramana

Most spiritual aspirants follow one of a massive array of so-called ‘paths’ … some extremely complicated. This is the way of the mind [false-self], which believes in ‘no pain-no gain’. Nevertheless, eventually all practices dovetail into Self Inquiry/Surrender – one or the other or both. The simplicity of Self Inquiry is the main reason it seems to the mind unlikely to so-called ‘work’.

Self Inquiry is NOT a ‘doing’ as the false self does not ‘do’ anything real. It is actually Grace [Love in Action – another name for the ONE SELF] … which dissolves layers of conditioning, – the ‘fabric’ of the illusory self, made up of [attachments, expectations and identifications]. It ‘works’ like this:

When one is ‘triggered’ by anything in their moment to moment experiences brought on ‘always’ by their conditioning, they ask this question:

“Who is it that triggered by ______________?”

The answer is always “me” … adding nothing else.

Then the question is:

“Who am I?”

… without any attempt at or expectation of an answer.

An answer is NOT being sought since the question is meant to focus Light [Grace] on the false self which is used to hiding in plain sight. Being exposed in this way, it ‘withdraws’ back onto the ONE SELF where it came from, thereby dissolving that ‘layer’ of conditioning. Eventually, IF persisted in this erases all conditioning like clouds hiding the sun and the ONE SELF is revealed ‘to’ IT SELF. SIMPLE but very Powerful.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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