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The ONE SELF is any version of the God You Are such as Freedom or Love, that happens to prevail at the moment. Its like looking out from the inside of a Pure crystal through windows [facets] that have different energy signatures.


As the ONE SELF expands in your ‘Awareness’ [IT does not actually expand as IT never changes] you will witness the world and its occupants more and more as sleeping. This sleep is an essence like an hypnotic state that you are become more and more able to recognize clearly and easily as you depart ‘from’ it. Everything that once seemed so important will now become less and less significant. You will laugh at how serious you once took the world to be.


This Awakened state is NOT the same as the mind-oriented AHA that awakens you to the Awareness that the world you have been living in is NOT real. It is the Real experience [through the Heart] of witnessing the Grand Dream ‘as’ a dream. No words can describe this unmistakable and consistent feeling that never again leaves your Awareness. This occurs when Life is Truly Living You.


“THE GRAND DREAM” -You Have Been Dreaming, Its Time to Wake Up

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