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LOVE is the universal language of the God-SELF You Are. IT sings to you of Freedom hidden in plain sight. IT reaches out to you between the prison bars of limitation through Nature in sublime fragrances and the precise mathematics of its symmetry as it ceaselessly illustrates the magnificent swirling cycle of the Golden Ratio everywhere.

IT dances in waterfalls and paints with the brush of rainbows. IT sings in winds that rustle delightfully through leaves and ITs face is everywhere, peaking out of exquisite structures sculpted with branches and twigs that come and go in an instant while laughing at your seriousness.

IT ‘uses’ the spectacular dream you have fabricated to hide within to unveil the Love in Action that is Grace … the very Heart of the Real YOU. IT speaks to IT SELF in every breath. When finally, your thoughts slow to a stop and the mind’s steel door dissolves, IT exposes the Perfection YOU are … never missing, revealed in the Silence of Nothing-ness.

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