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The sum of ‘all’ fears is the loss of ‘identity’, meaning the desolation of ‘you’ as an individual entity. The root of ‘all’ conditioning [expectations, attachments, identifications tied to memory and imagination] … that which ‘constructs’ this identity called ‘you’ as a person within a body, is ‘unworthiness’. It can easily be seen these two things are tied inextricably together … ‘existing and yet feeling you do not deserve to exist and’ … NOT existing’. And yet, subtly intertwined within this dark specter that clings to one’s entire life experience is the Truth … and that Truth ‘is’ – that ‘you’ do NOT exist. This person called ‘you’ is a made-up fiction that has itself suspected this from the beginning of its arrival within the world of illusion eons ago.

The clear recognition that this is in fact the Truth combined with the unequivocal surrender ‘to’ this Truth … marks the line in the sand where the Real YOU resumes ITs seat of Power as the God IT ‘is’. This is the only obstacle to the full Awareness of the Freedom that YOU Are. There ‘are’ no myriad of hoops to jump through because there ‘is’ no ‘you’ to jump through them. There is only the slumbering God-SELF shackled by the rags of conditioning that seem to ‘hide’ this ever-Present Reality. This is why the inquiry of WHO AM I is so effective … as simple as it is.

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