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You are God dreaming, or … if Liberated, God IN a dream but not OF that dream. The dream itself is NOT real, only that which has no beginning or ending is Real … but it ‘can’ be experienced as real if one is asleep to Who They Really Are, and for most … that is what has been occurring for thousands of years. And yet, there are no ‘others’ and there is no ‘time, they too are aspects of the Grand Dream.

When one dreams there are all manner of concepts about ‘how’ the world got into the current state that it is in and each one’s concept is True for them ‘as’ a dream ‘within’ the Grand Dream … there ‘is’ no right or wrong except within the dream of separation where ‘opposites’ seem to exist. Nothing is out of place in the Grand Dream, nor has it ever been … it’s a dream – and everything in it is ‘made-up’.

In order for a dream to take place there must be contrast … it could not seem to appear without a light to a dark, an up to a down, a good to a bad [so-called]. It is the natural order of dreams and these contrasts swing like a pendulum through extremes … you could say from 9 to 3 on a clock … to an almost complete experience of balance at the 6. If you add a great swath of thousands of years to each tick of the clock analogy it can appear that the dream has somehow ‘healed’ or ‘transformed’ when in the 6 position [which our solar system has now entered], but its just a phase of a swing or shift in the cycles of chaos and calm within something that the false self [body-mind-identity] believes is really happening.

Its only occurring on the screen of Consciousness as flickering images that come and go.

Identify with the screen and you are Free … identify with the images and you are a person, limited and confined to the swing of the pendulum within the dream.

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