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The SELF, manifested as the illusory universe/world … is ONE, yet ‘appears as’ many experiencing ‘every’ possibility in order to ‘know’ IT SELF. Fully Aware of IT SELF there is no possibility of judgment but while IT sleeps to this Awareness, with the infinite identities it wears, there is widespread judgment and the conflict that arises as a result. When an illusion/dream is believed in anything can occur between what many call good and evil in the world of opposites that is produced in the Grand Dream. The pendulum of this experience [in this illusion] swings fully from 1-59.

From this a myriad of opinions and perspectives arise from the inevitable play of the mind in this field of dreams most call reality. When a phase of ‘relative balance [peace] approaches’ [‘30’ on the clock], the ‘opposites’ seem to momentarily ‘flare up’ [years in clock time] and the world dream seems on fire with chaos. There is such phase now occurring … but ‘take heart’, it is temporary and PEACE beckons.

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