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The belief that ‘I am’ the body with a mind together with a unique personal individuality is … pervasive, and ‘binds’ most of humanity to the wheel of the birth and death illusion. This bundle of conditioning looks at this ‘me-ness’ and declares itself real – validated by billions of so-called ‘others’ who also believe in this delusion. They then look out at a world of separated ‘appearances’ through the ‘plastic’ mouldable nature of this Grand Dream, sculpt it into a precise replica of their ‘ever-changing’ beliefs, and call this realty.

None of it is anymore real than the flickering images that appear on the cinema screen, but the belief ‘makes’ [not creates] it ‘seem’ real. Such is the transient roller coaster of happiness and sorrow that the separation belief manifests … until one has had enough and, in some way says: “there must be a better way” … then an ‘unseen vista’ opens to their Awareness revealing the SELF ‘to’ IT SELF.

LIFE: The Descent ‘from’ and Ascent ‘to’ the Awareness of Who’ You Really Are

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Apr 28, 2022

Wonderful. Thank you

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