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As our solar system SHIFTS deeper into a 2000 year era of Peace and Light the veils grow thinner that have hidden Truth from the slumbering God-SELF [YOU]. For many this means moments of ‘surreal’ experiences as the stability of the Grand Dream fluctuates. These last 2+ years have been a global example of this SHIFT.

While this can be anywhere from exciting to terrifying, the effect is inevitable. This means what one has accepted as reality – is NOT. Ultimately, all will realize that none of it is real. And that the True state of Being is the ‘Nothing-ness’ of ONE-ness. Universes rise and fall each [clock time] night as deep sleep dissolves the dream most call reality … only to be recreated upon so-called ‘waking’.

In reality, the slumbering God-SELF simply shifts from a night-time dream to a more continuous daytime dream broken only by these vignettes of ‘nothing-ness deep sleep’. Embrace these moments of instability as the precursor to the full Awareness of the ONE SELF YOU Are .

BOOKS by John McIntosh


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