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Most people have heard of ‘the still small voice’ and some recognize this as the ‘voice of Silence’, the ‘intuition’ or the voice of God … all are correct, meaning the same thing. And yet it is the last place most people look to for direction in their daily lives preferring the fallible and fickle guidance of the mind whose resume is flawed at best. Releasing ‘control’ and ‘opening’ up is the price of admission to this ‘perfect’, ‘loving’ and ‘all-encompassing’ Whisperer of Truth. This is why the mind is preferred … the feeling of ‘control’ offers a false sense of security and safety despite a track record that speaks the opposite.

It is an aspect of the ‘final straw’ when surrender can no longer be resisted. Exhaustion with the roller coaster ride in the mind’s dream world arrives for everyone eventually and you fall back into the gentle and loving arms of the ONE who Knows. What a beautiful surprise when you learn IT was the Real YOU who had waited patiently, Whispering from the timeless realm of Truth.


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