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You are NOT ‘in’ the world … the world is ‘in’ YOU.

The mind that we call ‘me’ along with the made-up identity and the temporary body, is an illusion and points to the world-universe and all that seems to appear in them as ‘outside’ this ‘me’. At best, it is cautious of these flickering phantoms and at worst it is terrified of them. It does not realize that every apparition is a product of the unique ‘conditioning’ it came into this dream with – EVERYTHING!

Nothing shows up that is not a reflection of who you ‘believe’ you are. The endless finger-pointing judgments of these illusions suggests that there are ‘others’ responsible for the challenges one faces in every moment … but it is this conditioning that manifests ‘precisely’ the endless mirrors of who you are NOT – until the turn within occurs and eventually YOU ‘recognize’… YOU [Love, Freedom, Grace, Beauty, Abundance, Peace, Joy] ‘in’ all these projections.

YOU ARE GOD: It's Time To Shine

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