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Nothing ‘temporary’, including anything physical and the more subtle etheric realms can bring about what is eternal and infinite … the return to full Awareness of the SELF You Really Are [Freedom]. The manipulation of illusions [the body, world, universe] cannot dissolve the ‘influence’ that brought about it about, which is the belief in separation followed by the conditioning that emanates from that belief [attachments, expectations and identifications tied to memory (past) and imagination (future)]. Complicated postures, breathing techniques, diets, special exercises, developing psychic abilities, opening the chakras, visualization methods, DNA activations and a host of techniques and practices both recent and ancient, ‘can’ indeed shift the appearance and experience ‘of’ the dream but they will never bring the slumbering God-SELF back to the full Awareness of the SELF. The most they can 'do' is expand one's ONE-Pointed-ness, which better facilitates Self Inquiry/Surrender.

The movie [dream] on the screen is the conditioning, the projectionist is the slumbering God-SELF … but the blank screen ‘is’ the SELF. The movie-dream-illusion must be ‘turned off’ to recognize the ‘blank and empty screen’ You Are. This means dissolving the conditioning, which removes the movie-dream-illusion, and for this Self Inquiry/Surrender is the ‘direct route’.

-image by Solveig Larsen

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