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When the slumbering God-SELF arrives at the crossroads where IT begins to Awaken from the Grand Dream, it is like the first few steps of a climb up a mountain with the heavy load of conditioning [like a backpack] that has held IT captive in the illusory dream. These first moments [perhaps many lifetimes in clock time] can be very slow and arduous.

ITs conditioning is very heavy, in the sense of containing a multitude of beliefs that have impeded IT … but as the journey-less journey proceeds upward/inward, more and more of that conditioning falls away. These conditioning-clouds that have hidden the sun [SELF] are fading and Truth is peeking through. As the climb continues fewer and fewer companions accompany the quickly awakening God-SELF [some have reached a plateau of contentment while others have fallen back into the dream having NOT reached the NO MATTER WHAT level of conviction to be Free].

Near the top of the mountain of illumination it is common to be totally alone, silent and absolutely fixed on the Light of Truth as the dream has long since undressed its elaborate disguises. The SELF may return to the dream as an example or leave the dream-body … it matters not. … IT now ‘knows’ IT and ‘all’ are ONE.

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