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-There is no person called ‘me’. -There is no ‘mine’. -There is no ‘my’ body/mind/soul. -There is no ‘my’ Truth.

These concepts have all been ‘made-up’ by the false self posing as your real identity over eons of dreaming.

The body-mind-identity is a dream within the Grand Dream manifested by the conditioning that veils the slumbering God-Self YOU Are. There ‘is’ only One SELF. Every face you look at ‘is’ this same SELF. Every living thing [and everything ‘is’ alive] ‘is’ this One SELF.

The SELF does not exist ‘out there’ or ‘up there’ … separated from someone called ‘me’. Everything that has a beginning and an ending is an illusory projection ‘within’ the SELF [projected on the blank screen of Consciousness (another name for the SELF)].

YOU ‘Are’ the SELF and have never NOT been the SELF. It is not possible to ‘grow’ or ‘evolve’ toward Self Realization. YOU ‘Are’ Self Realized Now and have always been so. It is this conditioned fictional ‘person’ that seems to ‘hide’ this Truth.

All attempts to improve this fictional identity to make it ‘good enough’ to qualify to ‘be’ the SELF achieve nothing, and yet for many lifetimes you have labored toward this fruitless possibility.

Attention only ‘on’ the SELF YOU ‘Are’ … EXPANDS the Awareness ‘of’ IT as Your one and only Reality until there ‘is’ nothing else.

-image by Solveig Larsen

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