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There is no substitute … you have to do the ‘inner work’. There is no jumping over the conditioning that defines and manifests the world of dreams most call reality … all must be dissolved. No magic mushroom, no sweat lodge, no master’s gaze, no isolation in caves, no incessant practice or divine dispensation, no amount of illuminating AHAs or satoris will eliminate the work of dissolving the veils of deception that hide the real YOU.

Conditioning ‘binds’ you to the belief that you are separate from everyone and everything … that you are an ‘individual’, a ‘personal identity’ … someone called ‘me’ – different, better than or less than others … there ARE no others. Conditioning manifests the tiniest particle and the multiverse as your ‘private stage’ … and allows you to play EVERY part imaginable … the greatest hero and the most wicked villain possible – every part you have played.

No matter how seductive your private dreams may be, no matter how glorious, sumptuous, ecstatic and wonderous … they pale in the face of the REAL YOU. You must be totally, utterly and completely satiated with the field of endless dreams to enter and ‘remain in’ the fire of who you are NOT. And then, only then will you have the strength to endure the NO MATTER WHAT choice that cuts away the illusion that hides YOU from YOU … the ONE SELF.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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