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As long as you believe you are a ‘person’, an individual identity apart from something you think of as God [by whatever name] as well as separated from everything else in the universe and your world … you WILL suffer.

There ‘is’ only ONE – the Absolute

-IT is timeless and undivided

-IT is without thought

-It has no beginning or ending

-IT is Pure Awareness

-IT ‘is’ Who You Really Are

IT uses Consciousness as ITs body through which it may ‘know’ IT SELF and ‘play’ with IT SELF. On the blank screen of Consciousness ALL THAT IS [seems to be] is projected an ever-changing illusion of the universe [multi-verse] that is totally interactive. All of this is ‘within’ ONE and ‘is’ ONE. The human being has a degree of ‘awareness’ and influenced by the belief in separation considers itself to be an ‘individual’. From this belief all contrast ‘and’ conflict arise. In this state this projected aspect of IT SELF forgets Who It Really Is. THIS IS NOT A MISTAKE.

When all the stories and dramas manifested from this contrast/conflict have been fully savored and ONE [within each projection] is satiated, IT turns ‘upon IT SELF’ and remembers Who IT Really ‘is’.

Synopsis of John’s book: “YOU ARE GOD” – Its Time To Shine

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